The Kirby Vacuum Home Demonstration

One of the things that make the Kirby vacuum a lot more interesting than its competitors is the way in which the product is marketed. The sales outlook for the Kirby vacuum is interesting because it is sold only through independent contractors and sales people.

It is sold by a fleet of sales people that perform an active demonstration in the homes of potential customers, much to the chagrin of many people on their way out for dinner or out for an appointment. The sales people are often brought around with a lucrative pattern of sales that is widely documented on the internet.

So does the Kirby vacuum live up to the hype put forth by the sales people or is it just another way to make money off of unsuspecting consumers? Without drawing too many irrational and unfounded conclusions, a simple amount of research will likely create an outlook on the Kirby vacuum experience and the home demonstration that will be quite enlightening.

The functionality of the Kirby is something that only users of the cleaner can attest to, but it is a freestanding unit that claims to be able to produce ultimate cleaning results.

After all the Royal Vacuum and Vacuum Treatment information available is considered, it is still up to you to make an informed decision.

The Sales Experience

As mentioned, the Kirby vacuum is purchasable through the door to door technique involving sales people. In order to find out more about any sales outlets that you are not sure of, it is important to be aware of Consumer Affairs.

There is a public database available in your area that can inform you as to how a certain company functions on the road and how they invoke sales policies. A quick look for Kirby vacuum sales comes up with quite a bit of information about their sales techniques that may shed some light on the experience as a whole.


One problem with the Kirby vacuum sales people seems to be that they use a lot of misleading campaigns and wording to try to enter the homes of potential customers.

Once inside a home, the sales person will attempt to demonstrate the vacuum. This usually takes around ninety minutes or so and can be quite intimidating as the sales person will ask for your own products to help with the demonstration.

One person reports having to use a roll of paper towel to clean up. Always be cautious, therefore, when letting sales people into your home. Most agencies advise against it, entirely.

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