Everything You Need To Know About Rattan Furniture

What is rattan? Rattan refers to a group of 600 species of slender palm herbs originating from Southeast Asia. They grow long stems with the diameter uniform throughout the whole length.


The growth closely resembles to that of vine but these stems feature an inner organic core with the internal part not resembling a hollow tube like the bamboos. They grow naturally in rain forests and rise at the top of the canopy to receive sunlight and nutritional elements. The stem insider features soft and porous elements along the length. The external portion is extremely sturdy and durable.

What is Rattan: Harvesting and Processing

Rattan grows evenly throughout the year. Artificial harvesting is not a suitable option as these only grow in jungles with special landscape features.

These 600 feet gigantic trees are first cut and collected into around 20 pieces to make bundles and then carried down to the processing factories. Out of an enormous 600 species, only four species are being used for manufacturing furniture and other gift accessories.

Therefore, the answer to the question “what is rattan?” can be kept limited to these four common species exclusively.


What is Rattan: Some Prominent Features

Rattan palms were the most consumed resources for manufacturing garden furniture. But the alternation of this material and its features proved rattan to beobsolete in variable climates.

The material turns to brittle discolored residues over time. Consequently, rattanfails to retain the furniture’s shapes.

However, the manufacturers decided to use woven synthetic rattan to manufacture furniture and other items in order for them to be sturdy and long lasting. The features of furniture made from synthetic rattan include:

  • The furniture is waterproof; hence, it doesn’t absorb moisture even in the humid climates.
  • The furniture is extremely sturdy and durable.
  • UV stability allows furniture to remain the same over a long timewithout being tarnished.


What is Rattan: Maintenance and Care

The best thing about Rattan furniture is their low maintenance. They don’t need varnish works or staining work. You can leave these in your outdoor space round the year without caring about any damage.

At times, you should wash the furniture with water for them to look new once again. Even in the roughest weather, rattan furniture survives with a glow and irresistible look.


Decorative Rattan

Stylish rattan dining chairs have been the top sellers for a while now. The meticulously woven rattan chairs are comfortable, durable, complementary and versatile.

You can find different shapes and designs of these dining chairs. Another, these rattan dining chairs can have an enhanced natural color when varnish or stain is applied. Apart from these dining chairs, the manufacturers have also come up with several other household items.

If you want to show up your creativity and boldness, you can create a rattan inspired interior designs or plans for your home.


Furniture traditions are always undergoing changes. New trends and styles are replacing the older concepts. Some furniture can be timeless and can complement with any style rolling in.

Rattan furniture are smart, affordable and stylish to decorate your house. They are everlasting beauties.

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